Sometimes as a small business owner all you need is the right tool to get your business moving forward. Check out these Back on Track Tools that will allow you to get those lug nuts tightened and get you back in the driver’s seat to helping your customers.


Back on Track Tools:

GearSocial Media Tracker

You know you should be engaged in social media – but how do you know if all this time spent on the web is helping drive customers to your business? Our Social Media Tracker collects data from an unlimited number of social media sources and will compile and display social media spikes, lulls and trends.

The Nuts and Bolts:

      • You’ll tell us which social media sites you are using.
      • We’ll create your custom Social Media Tracker and make recommendations on other Social Media sites if we see any gaps.
      • We’ll deliver within 48 hours and train you on how to use it in a 30 minute Skype or phone session.
      • You implement and gain new insights on your prospects and customers.

When you implement our Social Media Tracker you’ll have a better understanding of where your efforts are paying off and where you can successfully generate more leads.

Price: $125
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GearNew Business Tracker

Feel like you’ve been putting in a lot of effort to gain new business but have no idea where those new customers are really coming from? With our user-friendly New Business Tracker we can quickly help you visualize success and failure of your marketing efforts.

The Nuts and Bolts:

      • You’ll tell us which new business avenues you’ve been pursuing.
      • We’ll create your custom New Business Tracker.
      • We’ll deliver within 48 hours and train you on how to use it in a 30 min Skype or phone session.
      • You’ll implement and gain new insights on your new business.

When you know how your marketing, advertising, PR tactics and word of mouth have directly impacted sales, you’ll know where to devote your time and energy in the future!

Price: $125
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Gear Policy and Procedure Manual

Every business needs policies and procedures to provide a detailed guide of how you want your business to be run. A Back on Track Policy & Procedure Manual will:

      • Communicate your business structure.
      • Reflect your business mission, goals and values.
      • Allow your business to be run efficiently and effectively.
      • Quickly orient new employees to the company.
      • Communicate job standards and expectations.

The Nuts & Bolts:

      • We offer two levels of Policy & Procedures. You will choose which will help you best Get Back on Track.
      • If you choose Basic: We supply you with a short Q&A to help us customize the manual for you (see a list of included P&Ps). Will be supplied in 48 hours.
      • If you choose Advanced: We spend some time with you to understand your specific business so we can draft custom policies and procedures for your manual. Will be supplied in 5 business days.
      • Both Basic and Advanced P&P will be supplied electronically. If you choose Advanced we will also supply a hardbound version.

Basic Policy and Procedure Manual

      • Supplied electronically.
      • Delivered in 48 hours

Price: $125

Advanced Policy and Procedure Manual

      • Supplied electronically and in a hard bound copy.
      • Electronic copy received within 5 business days. Hardbound copy will be sent standard mail.

Price: $375

Ultimately, a policy and procedure manual sets a positive direction for your company to help avoid conflict and any potential misunderstanding.
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GearEmployee Handbook

Whether you have 1 employee or 15+ employees, an employee handbook is an important document to protect both you and your employees. Each version is customized for your business and supplied electronically. Advanced handbooks will also be supplied hardbound.

Each handbook:

      • Communicates clear expectations of work place policies to employees.
      • Insures every employee receives the same information about work place rules.
      • Communicates employee rights.
      • Spells out legal obligations as an employer.
      • Gives employer valuable legal protection if an employee later challenges business in court.

The Nuts and Bolts:

      • We offer two levels of Employee Handbooks:

Basic Employee Handbook


      • Non-Disclosure Agreement
      • Conflict of Interest Statements
      • Anti-Discrimination Policies
      • Compensation
      • Work Schedules
      • Standards of Conduct
      • General information regarding Safety, Security and Technology
      • Media Relations
      • Employee Benefits
      • Leave Policies

– Supplied electronically

– Delivered within 48 hours.

Price: $125

Advanced Employee Handbook

Includes everything in the basic handbook as well as:

      • Maternity/Paternity Leave clauses
      • Federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act
      • Civil Rights Act of 1968 & 1991
      • COBRA
      • Drug Free Workplace Act
      • Federal Family and Medical Leave Act
      • American with Disabilities Act

**The Small Business Administration strongly recommends an employee handbook with 15+ employees

– Supplied electronically and in a hard bound copy.

– Electronic copy received within 5 business days. Hardbound copy will be sent standard mail.

Price: $375
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GearIndividual Business Profitability Tool

We are all in business to be profitable. But how do you know if you are really on track? Do you know how many customers you need each month to offset your equipment fees, pay employees and still turn a profit? Our Individual Business Profitability Tool takes the intimidation out of the number crunching.

      • Customized for each business, applies to a wider range of industries.
      • Lower cost than off the shelf small business profitability programs available for purchase and no annual upgrade costs.
      • Allows customer to track equipment depreciation, employee wages, equipment cost per hour of service, net profit per hour and per month, cost to charge clients to remain profitable.
      • Color coded for easy analysis.
      • Enables to visualize how many customers/products are needed in order to meet specific profit.
      • Aids in tracking day to day activities while enabling future planning.
      • Removes the intimidation of number crunching.
      • Includes training on how to input data and read results.

The Nuts and Bolts:

      • First we send you a simple Q&A to gather some pertinent information.
      • We schedule a 30 minute meeting (in person or via SKYPE) to talk through the Q&A and to learn more about your business.
      • In 10 days we’ll reconvene to train you on your Individual Business Profitability Tool.

Price: $395
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GearBack on Track Tool Kit

This kit is perfect for the business that needs multiple tools that Back On Track Solutions provides. You may be a business just starting out that is looking for a one-stop shop or you may have just begun some incredible growth and realize that you need more policies and procedures in place in order to keep sane while business continues on its upswing.

The Nuts and Bolts:

      • We provide a 30-60 minute initial consultation that will uncover your unique business challenges. This meeting will help us to develop the structure and pricing of a custom tool kit just for your business.
      • We will provide on-site or SKYPE training on how to use your Custom Tool Kit.
      • After delivery, we will provide Follow Up to ensure your satisfaction.

Price: $99 -$499 based on complexity of Tool Kit needed.

  Delivery: 5 business days – 15 business days based on complexity.
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