Welcome to the Back On Track Solutions resource page. Here you will find free eBooks, files and websites that will assist you in moving your business forward.

Operational Preparedness Assessment

AssessmentTake this 5 minute quiz to find out whether or not your business will be prepared should a crisis occur. 

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Free eBooks

How to Use Google Earth to Measure Property

Google Earth eBookDo you own a business that has to measure property? Get the upper hand by learning how to accurately measure any type of area and optimize this data for planning purposes just by downloading this eBook. This is an ideal eBook for  Landscapers, Realtors, and Home Improvement Specialists.

 Optimizing Driving Routes Using MapQuest


Are you a road warrior who would like to save time and gas money? Increase your efficiency and maximize the number of clients you can see each day with our new eBook: Optimizing Driving Routes Using MapQuest. We deliver insider tricks before you plug an address into your GPS. This eBook is ideal for any mobile service provider looking to save time and money.


The ABC’s of Getting Started in QuickBooks

QuickBooksAre you someone new to QuickBooks or someone who has it on their computer but confused on how to use it? This eBook will take away some of the mystery of your QuickBooks accounting software. From the basics of setting up your company all the way through creating reports, our eBook will help you feel more confident about your business financials.

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Helpful Business Websites

The following websites are those that Back On Track Solutions has bookmarked and refers to often. We feel that they have a lot of relevant information that can be helpful to any business. 

   SBA                    Insurance Information Institute                       Score